May 30, 2023

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Toyota breathes new life into this aging part of your car

Automatic transmission has been on the rise for years. As a result, the old reliable manual gearbox can count on less enthusiasm. However, there is good news for those who prefer to shift gears themselves: Toyota is working on a manual gearbox that it is developing specifically for its sporty hybrid models.

According to one of them, Toyota is investing in the development of a manual gearbox News article at From a recently announced pending patent by Toyota.

According to the patent drawings and description, it relates to an electronic system that operates the clutch in Toyota Hybrid Sport models equipped with a manual gearbox. To date, all Toyota hybrid models are equipped with a CVT automatic transmission. Good for efficiency, but less suitable for sporty drivers, as they often want to shift gears themselves.


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Not one, but three clutch cylinders

The special clutch that Toyota wants to breathe new life into the old manual gearbox uses not one but three clutch discs. This includes a master cylinder and two separate “input cylinders”. Depending on which cylinder provides more pressure, the diverter valve allows brake fluid to flow into the master cylinder. One of the cylinders is (mechanically) connected to the clutch pedal while the clutch is (electronically) controlled by the vehicle’s electronic control unit, the ECU.

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A hybrid car with a conventional manual gearbox

The system makes it possible to disconnect the combustion engine from the wheels at times when this would be advantageous for a hybrid car, for example when driving the car or to make starting smoother. But if you, as a driver, are not waiting for this at all, just press the clutch pedal. This sets up the clutch which is controlled by the ECU slip. According to the patent, there is also a sports mode that allows you to temporarily deactivate this link. Then you suddenly have a hybrid car, but more or less with a conventional manual gearbox.

Toyota breathes new life into this outdated segment
Toyota breathes new life into this outdated segment

More Toyota GR sports cars

Despite the strong rise of the all-electric vehicle, Toyota still sees plenty of opportunity for its hybrid models (cars equipped with both a petrol engine and an electric motor), especially outside of Europe. At the same time, the brand wants to continue to seduce car enthusiasts with sports models.

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suggests Koji Sato, Toyota’s new CEO, op Even more Toyota GR sports cars are coming. To make these cars both efficient and sporty, the clutch system can play an important role. Toyota GR Supra with hybrid drive? maybe …