December 8, 2023

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Toyota is crowned the largest car dealer in the US market

Japanese automaker Toyota Motor sold 2.33 million vehicles in the United States last year. This is 10 percent more than the previous year. With that size, the Japanese brand was more popular in the US than its US rival General Motors, with sales down nearly 13 per cent to nearly 2.22 million cars.

For the first time in nine decades, the numbers mean that General Motors cannot call itself the largest car dealer in the U.S. auto market. This is the first time in 11 years that General Motors’ sales have fallen.


The car market was hit hard last year Lack of semiconductors, Which is used in a large number of cars. As a result, car manufacturers had to adjust their production and often decided to focus mainly on their most profitable models.

General Motors He said he expects economic growth in the United States to boost sales in the auto market again. The manufacturer estimates that total U.S. car sales will reach about 16 million units this year, up from 15 million units sold last year.

Ninety years ago, General Motors transformed Ford Motor into the largest automaker in the United States and maintained market leadership unhindered.

Commenting on the figures, Jack Hollis, Vice President, Toyota Motor North America, stressed that the automaker is grateful to its loyal customers.

Toyota And do not expect the U.S. market leadership to remain steadfast, ”Hollis clarified. The Japanese automaker also said it did not want to use last year’s record for advertising purposes.

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According to many analysts, Toyota’s success over the past year has enabled the Japanese carmaker to better absorb chip shortages than many of its peers.


Commenting on the results, General Motors spokesman Jim Cain said the U.S. manufacturer had particularly strong annual sales in the United States with its SUV models and pickup trucks. According to him, General Motors was mainly focused on profit.

“Therefore Offer of semiconductors Improvements and sales will increase, ” he said. Under CEO Mary Barra, the U.S. automaker emphasized profits over size and exited loss-making markets such as Europe and Russia.

In the United States, less than 15 million vehicles were sold last year, according to analyst Ward’s Intelligence. This is less than the annual average of 17.3 million cars recorded in the second half of the last decade.

Advisor IHS Markit predicts US car sales this year Reaching the size of nearly 15.5 million cars.

Toyota forecasts 16.5 million units, and the sector expects even higher demand if it can increase production further. The Japanese manufacturer expects to sell 2.4 million cars in the United States this year.