September 30, 2022

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Traitors ends with an unexpected denial and a lot of frustration: "Is that a big herd of calves here?"  † television

Traitors ends with an unexpected denial and a lot of frustration: “Is that a big herd of calves here?” † television

televisionShe was fierce at the round table in “De Verraders”. Dirk Draulans made an unexpected move tonight and targeted former NBA player Ann Waters as a potential traitor. He was 95% sure of his theory. Meanwhile, Astrid Coppins tried in vain to convince everyone who was the real traitor.

“The story is about carriage 2, which I was a part of. It was Essam, Wendy, and Sage in carriage 2. Ann was not named yet, except once. Written by Dominic,” Draulans said. This gives a reason for his disappearance. My analysis is based on the compilation of facts.” Thus Dirk launched the attack on Anne, with the support of the traitor Walter, who was able to pull the group over the line. But what happened? With Anne, another ally was mistakenly sent home …

herd of calves

This is something Astrid Coppins, who was hot in the aftermath of traitor Walter, regrets, but no one believed her. “Is that a big herd of calves here doing nothing? Am I the only bull then?”

When it turned out she was right about Anne, she angrily walked away from the round table. “Step away from believing in humanity,” she said.


Anne defended herself in the episode “I’m a Team Player”. “And when you work in a team, there are a lot of forces that work quietly sometimes. But there are also other strengths of the team that are important and sometimes that means sacrificing yourself. So if you want to sacrifice me, do it. But know who your traitor is tomorrow.”

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In “De Verraders – De Aftocht”, which can now be seen on VTM GO, Nicholas Kayers was brought home after an intense adventure and reviewed the past few days with her. In the car, Anne receives a video message from her traitor #1: Dirk. However, this makes her suspicious. I am no longer convinced that Dirk is a traitor. But if that’s not a traitor… Dirk, you idiot! “

Sieg . was killed

Another innocent victim fell in the fourth episode of the “Traitors” program. Sieg is taken out by traitors Walter, Loïc, and Jamie-Lee after he and Astrid begin to think more and more about Walter.

Sieg answers: “It was meant to be thought, I was a bit wild and revolutionized the game. I hope Maureen – who’s not 100% an ally but 99% sure – will take it into her own hands and lead the Allies to victory.”

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