March 30, 2023

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Trappist Westvleteren bottles get a new mark after more than 75 years |  Ski

Trappist Westvleteren bottles get a new mark after more than 75 years | Ski

WestfleeterinThe Trappist Westvleteren bottles will be named again from Saturday, August 13th. This puts an end to a more than 75-year-old tradition of bottling beer in unbranded bottles.

Label reintroduction is in line with the general trend of informing consumers as fully as possible. Although there is no legal obligation for beer to state the full list of ingredients and nutritional values, the monks of St Sixtus Abbey decided to do so internally anyway. And all this information is impossible to put on the cap of the bottle.

Three types of stickers

“The labels, as it were, are stylized images of bottle caps,” explains Brother Godfried, before St. Sixtus Abbey. There are three versions of the label, one for each of the three Westvleteren Abbey trap beers. The primary colors of the jugs correspond to the well-known color of the bottle caps: green for blond, blue for 8, and yellow for 12.

“The traditional image was affected as little as possible,” Brother Godfried said. “For example, when the bottles are in the box, the labels are placed so that they cannot be seen, but only the classic dark ring bottles marked with the inscription ‘Trappist beer’.”

In addition to the beer’s name, phrases, symbols, and legally required allergens, the labels also contain a full list of ingredients in three languages, energy values, and a logo with Saint Sixtus Abbey’s coat of arms and QR. An icon indicating the website with the complete feeding schedule.

old bottle caps

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The first boxes containing labeled bottles of both Westvleteren Blond, 8 and 12 will go on sale from Saturday. Bottles with labels will soon be open at the In De Vrede Meeting Centre. Six-pack boxes and home-delivered boxes with prescribed bottles will be delivered in just a few weeks.

For now, the familiar classic crown caps are still on the bottles. Once the existing stock of metal caps are used, they will be replaced by new, streamlined design bottle caps that are perfectly in line with the labels.

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