February 1, 2023

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Trossard ends up in a well-stocked machine at Arsenal: ‘He won’t be a regular starter’ | Premier League

Leandro Trossard has his best transmission. The Red Devil could prove himself at Arsenal, the authoritarian leader in the English Premier League. “With Trossard, Arsenal are recruiting someone who knows the competition well. He will be available quickly,” says Premier League commentator Gil Tuck.

“Departing from Brighton via the back door”

Leandro Trossard is looking elsewhere after a fantastic 3.5 years at Brighton. After a quarrel with coach Roberto De Zerbi and a forced departure, Trossard is a bit in trouble at his former club. “He will look back positively on his passage at Brighton, but his departure will be through the back door.”

Gil Tack, Premier League commentator at Play Sports, speaks. “The rift between Trossard and teammate Adam Lallana, an experienced and determined figure in the dressing room who is held in high esteem by coach De Zerby, is said to be the root of the problems.”

“Then there was that incident in training. Trossard had a calf injury, but he wasn’t going to report it to his coach and left training. That was the reason why De Zerby was dismissed from selection.”

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‘Trossard is ready to step up’

It turns out to be the last straw for Trossard and his entourage. Our compatriot insisted on leaving and has now made his way as well. “He’s been looking for that higher move for a while and he actually pointed it out earlier this year.”

“I think he’s ready, although he won’t immediately be an Arsenal regular. Of course you have that when you end up in a well-stocked machine like Arsenal this season,” Tuck says.

“He will initially have to compete with Martinelli on the left, although Trossard could also play centrally. The flow is a little thinner there, due to an injury to Gabriel Jesus. Although he could return at the end of February. Trossard has the advantage. He’s versatile. Uses”.

Trossard will initially have to compete with Martinelli on the left. But it is versatile.

Jelly Tack, football commentator

Trossard scored another hat-trick against Liverpool.

“a step in all areas”

Arsenal pays about 30 million euros for Trossard, although our compatriot was not actually the first choice. That first choice, Ukrainian talent Michaglo Moedryk, finally chose Chelsea.

“There was a kind of prayer war It takes place between Arsenal and Chelsea. This latest club has been hopping on everything that moves lately. Since Todd Boyle took over, Chelsea have already spent £460m in the transfer market. Tack says.

“For Moedryk, Chelsea paid 70m plus bonuses, and Arsenal didn’t want to keep up. It makes sense, especially when you know that Arsenal have missed out on the big haul of the Champions League in recent years and that they’ve spent a lot of money on players like Nicolas Pepe, who failed “.

“Whether Trossard is Plan B? No, that’s very negative. With Trossard, Arsenal bring in someone with experience who knows the competition well. He’ll be available quickly and could in principle already play against Manchester United on Sunday.”

“From a personal point of view, it’s a very good choice for Trossard. He now also has a view to the Champions League, which he hasn’t been able to play in. It’s a step up for him across the board.”

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