July 19, 2024

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Trump alleges mass scams ‘again’ and calls for protest after halving tech issues

Trump alleges mass scams ‘again’ and calls for protest after halving tech issues

Several locations across the country faced technical difficulties during Tuesday’s midterm elections, causing polling stations to be delayed and their opening hours extended. This was the case in Peel County, Texas, Lucerne County, Pennsylvania, where the paper ran out, at three offices in North Carolina, and in parts of Georgia. In Detroit, Michigan, there were computer problems while checking voter registration. The Maricopa County Circuit District, in southwestern Arizona, reported that about 20 percent of polling stations there had problems with their ballot box machines.

Voters in Maricopa County, the most populous area that also includes the capital, Phoenix, were still able to deposit their ballots in a safe ballot box that would be counted later, and technicians were able to adjust printer settings that appeared to be causing problems. for one to correct. No voter was rejected, and people could still vote. Each legal vote will be counted. I promise you,” said Representative Stephen Richer, a Republican. However, he predicted that conspiracy theorists would “mistake” the case.


Indeed, Donald Trump and his supporters like commentator Charlie Kirk and governor candidate Carrie Lake have jumped into trouble to claim that massive vote fraud was perpetrated by Democrats. Republicans are already demanding to challenge the results and have taken to court in Maricopa County to demand, among other things, that polling stations remain open for longer. In the indictment, Republicans called them “completely unacceptable,” “extensive” and “substantial” problems with voting machines. The judge rejected the request because it was submitted too late and for the lack of evidence that voters were unable to cast their ballots.

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Another big problem is with counting machines in Arizona. Does it look familiar? Trump wrote in the Truth Social. “Reports are coming in from Arizona that voting machines are not working well in Republican/Conservative predominately areas. here we go again? People will not accept this! Votes will not be counted “only in Republican districts,” and candidates like Carrie Lake will be seriously affected by this disaster, which he also called a “cancer” in the country.

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Trump also referred to the “total electoral integrity disaster” in his chain of letters in Arizona, Detroit, Pennsylvania “and elsewhere” and claimed that voters in Detroit were being disqualified. “Proxy voting in Detroit is not going well at all. People are registering to vote and listening to: ‘Sorry, I have already voted.’ The former president called: ‘Protest, protest, protest!’” The same thing is happening again with voter fraud. As it happened in 2020???,” he continued, and “We can’t let this happen again!!!” Even before the election, Trump said there would be indications “again” of voter fraud.

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Trump initially sounded optimistic Tuesday to reporters at a polling station in Palm Beach, Florida. He confirmed that he voted for Governor Ron DeSantis, saying, “I think we’re going to have a wonderful, exciting night.”

“might happen”

The NGO Vote.org stated on Twitter that “there are reports that some voting computers are experiencing technical problems.” “It can happen, polling officials and state officials are doing everything they can to solve the problems and voters have other options to cast their ballot today,” she added.

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