July 21, 2024

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Trump responds to the storming of the Capitol in 12 pages

Trump responds to the storming of the Capitol in 12 pages

Hearings on the storming of the Capitol are “judicial mockery.” Former US President Donald Trump said in a statement Monday evening (local time).

The commission of inquiry investigating the attack on the US House of Representatives was held on January 6, 2021, a Second public hearing† The commission is trying to show that what happened on January 6 was not an accident, but rather a final attack of a plot to marginalize the voter. Trump was the main character, according to the investigative committee, and many did not believe his story of fraud.

in twelve pages Advertising Trump repeats the claim that incumbent President Joe Biden won the election wrong. “Democrats came up with a story on January 6th that would distract from the biggest and most important fact that the 2020 election was stolen and tampered with,” Trump said.

According to the former president, the hearings serve mainly to “distract the American people from the pain they are feeling.” Of the Democrats, he says, “they’re hopeful that these sessions will somehow change their failing outlook.” He also described his political opponents as “stupids” and the investigation into the intrusion was “fake”.

Commissioner Jimmy Raskin, D, called Trump’s allegations “false nonsense” in response to CNN.

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