December 7, 2022

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Trump wants the Supreme Court to intervene in the investigation of classified documents |  Abroad

Trump wants the Supreme Court to intervene in the investigation of classified documents | Abroad

ModernizationFormer US President Donald Trump has appealed to the Supreme Court over classified documents confiscated from his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago. His attorneys asked the highest court in the United States to overturn a lower court’s decision.

Trump and his team want to prevent the US Department of Justice from investigating classified documents seized from him. “The United States Government is attempting to criminalize any dispute over document management,” the lawyers wrote in their application.

In late September, the US Department of Justice scored a major victory in court. The federal court ruled that investigators could continue to use some of the seized documents for their work. That overturned a court decision in Florida.

It prevented investigators from using confidential documents as long as the independent arbitrator (special arbitrator) appointed to the case, Raymond Dreyer, was still examining the documents. This arbitrator was appointed at Trump’s request, critics say to delay the delivery of justice.

criminal investigation

The criminal investigation includes whether classified papers were withheld and whether there was an attempt to thwart a federal investigation. Both crimes are punishable. According to Trump, he made sure that the documents in question were no longer classified during his presidency, but according to the court, no evidence was found.

In early August, the FBI searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Many classified documents dating back to the Trump presidency were seized, including papers that have the highest levels of secrecy. By law, this material should have been handed over to the National Archives immediately upon the expiration of Trump’s term. Trump and his lawyers have repeatedly claimed that FBI agents deposited incriminating evidence themselves in Mar-a-Lago, but that claim also has not been proven so far.

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