March 30, 2023

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Trump's lawyer Giuliani 'survives attack' in supermarket

Trump’s lawyer Giuliani ‘survives attack’ in supermarket

A supermarket worker has been arrested after the “assault” of Trump confidant Rudy Giuliani. Although the photos suggest it was a slap in the back, Giuliani is selling the incident on the eve of the primaries as a left-wing attack on conservative America.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said store clerk Daniel Gill, 39, attacked him in the back. “It was like a rock hitting my back,” Giuliani describes. In other media, he said he felt as if someone had shot him in the back. “It was very painful,” he says. In police statements, Giuliani spoke of “redness, swelling and severe pain in the back and left side of the body.”

“Fortunately, I am 78 years old at my best,” he added. “Otherwise, I would have fallen and fractured my skull.”

“How are you, motherfucker?”

A quarrel also occurred during the accident. In Giuliani’s account, the supermarket worker started yelling about “killing women” and using “very dirty language”. The prosecutor explains, “How’s it going, you motherfucker?”

The defense notes that the man has been working in the supermarket for four years without incident. It is also unknown to the court. “He did not intend to harm the former mayor,” his lawyer said. According to the defense, the photos clearly prove that she was a pat on the back. And despite Giuliani’s statements, he refused medical help after the “attack.”

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Giuliani links the incident to the US Supreme Court’s decision to review the Roe v. Wade ruling, which no longer guarantees the right to abortion in every state. Giuliani publicly supports this decision, as does his son Andrew, who is seeking the seat of New York state governor.

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This was also the reason why Giuliani visited the supermarket. He was there to promote his son in the Republican primary. “These attacks on conservative America must stop,” he says. He sees a role for his son Andrew in this. He’s the only one America first-Candidate, he represents law and order,” Giuliani then says in a video explaining the facts to his audience.