February 6, 2023

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Tubantia social community |  De Texelse Courant - News 24/7 from Al Jazeera

Tubantia social community | De Texelse Courant – News 24/7 from Al Jazeera

Who will be the new officials in Topantia? Frank, 35, and Lorient, 29, have bought a house and are leaving on July 1. They thoroughly enjoyed the adventure that connected them to the Pontweg complex for five years.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. Lots of different people live here

The editors met the couple in the common room – the former breakfast room – at the apartment complex in Pontwig between Den Burg and De Koog. If asked, they first list the practical advantages of the living situation. “We have a large apartment here with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and spacious bedroom A work or guest room and a beautiful balcony. There is always a parking space and the rental structure has allowed us to save in such a way that we can now adequately finance our home for a mortgage,” summarizes Laurien.

However, it is not the motives that kept them for a long time in Topantia, and according to the spouses, this is also not the correct motive. “We enjoy the subtlety of our stay here. Lots of different people live here. Seasonal employees, people who are really looking for a home due to divorce, for example, status holders. Young and old mingle together. It makes a great social community. There is always something going on here. And as a manager, you talk to everyone,” says Frank.

As managers, Frank and Lorient are responsible for performing minor maintenance, keeping common (common) areas clean, cleaning windows, identifying defects and making repair requests, preventing bacteria, distributing mail, and you are also the first point of contact.. “It takes a few hours, should Anyone interested should take this into consideration.We both have part time jobs in addition to our daily administrative duties.The nice thing is that you can organize your time by yourself;There are tasks to be done every day and you plan other activities on a weekly basis.If there are problems,you Also the first point of contact at night. Now I must say that in general we live it with great satisfaction and accidents are really rare. When we came here we also knew stories of after parties and riots. But in five years, only one or two things happened. Such a moment you have to stand firm, because you are the first person there. You then have to be able to act in a way that de-escalates. I work in healthcare and so I have experience. That came in handy,” Frank continues.

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part of their life

The events taking place in Topantia became a part of the two’s lives. The common area looks comfortable, not least thanks to the couple.

Frank and Lorient for Tubantia in 2017.

Lorient: “At first this space was closed because Wontage was afraid to be disturbed. The space can only be opened by consultation. Now it is always open. Residents can shower and read a book while enjoying a cup of coffee/tea or playing. Along with a group of excited residents, We renovated and decorated it with collected items.There was only an old carpet.Now there are elegant paintings, the walls are painted and there are plants.Woontij residents can rent here without losing any points, which makes it attractive to continue looking for another home.So the productivity is high. When people come here, they often have a few things. But the people who leave often leave things behind. Only crockery, furniture and books make it. And so the idea of ​​creating a kind of recycling corner arose. The “corner” began in the hallway, but now has Her special place is in “Tubantia Café.”

family reunification

What she remembers well is the family reunion that took place within the walls of Topantia. The man was here, and his wife and children came later. When everything was settled, they were reunited in this room. They asked if it was allowed and we got fully involved in the party. We still meet them occasionally on the street and they greet us abundantly.

live time

So Woontij has to look for a new manager. “When we entered into this collaboration with Frank and Laurien, it was new to us as well. We liked it very much and hope to find equally good successors. A big advantage for the managers is that they have no basic rental costs and that they have a really nice apartment inside Tubantia with privacy. And their storage room.” “Of course we expect something in return,” says Nick Rann of Wontag.

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Although extremely happy with their new home, Frank and Lorient will miss out on the comfort of Topantia drastically. “Nice view too. On top of that, we were here for a short time with our dog in De Dennen. I can recommend it,” Lorian concludes.

Are you interested in being in charge? For more information, see the vacancy at website from Woontij.