July 12, 2024

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Twitter test feature that enables direct subscription to newsletters – IT Pro – News

Sorry, but you’re really going to miss a giant revolution. substack Huge and the list of newsletters (paid or unpaid) that do well is growing, growing, and growing.

There is a huge market for quality newsletters, interpretation and background, a bit like the Saturday section of a newspaper, written by people who know what they are talking about, leave all the clickbait and provide quality content. This is what you pay for.

The free variants of these newsletters are not bait: they are exactly the same (quality) content but more often. Or just one request.

So it’s not really surprising that Twitter goes along with this and the newsletters you get from web stores, HCC and (sorry) Tweakers are just a tiny snippet of what a newsletter can really offer. It is a kind of blogging but it is paid. You get specific content, written for you, without ads or anything, at a comfortable pace right in your box, by consuming you whenever you want.

From backgrounds to explanations, recipes or knowledge. everything is possible. Often there are all kinds suits Such as free licenses, tool or template.

I’ve paid $20 a month for a productivity newsletter for some time now. Worth the money. $5 for a daily recommendation of good chilled work music. There are a lot of things you can do. From expensive to free.

But the time for the brochure in your box is over, and you really shouldn’t compare it there. Who would think that this is outdated is not in time.

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