October 1, 2022

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Twitter workers are not allowed to talk about the deal, but Elon Musk tweets a meme about the disaster |  News

Twitter workers are not allowed to talk about the deal, but Elon Musk tweets a meme about the disaster | News

Now a $44 billion (converted to €43 billion) deal between Twitter and Elon Musk about to jumpCompany employees are asked not to communicate about it. The fact that Musk decided not to buy Twitter after all would have a tail in court. The billionaire, as usual, is less relaxed.

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In April, Twitter and Musk announced that they had signed a deal to take the company out of the stock market for $44 billion. Musk promised to raise capital to buy all the shares. There are only a limited number of ways for both parties to get out of the deal. Depending on the situation, one has to pay a billion dollars to the other.

Musk argues in the official stock exchange documents that Twitter should pay him this billion because the company did not keep the terms of the deal. Twitter itself wants to take Musk to court to authorize the takeover.

In the almost inevitable lawsuit, attorneys on both sides will be able to request information from each other to defend their case. So Mask can get his hands on emails, Slack messages, and other internal communications from Twitter. Therefore, Twitter’s attorney asked all employees not to tweet about the case, writes the news site The Verge, which can view an internal memo.

Elon Musk tweeted a meme about the disaster with Twitter. © rv

Musk does not back down. It was published on Monday morning, Belgium time Meme on Twitter† This appears to be making fun of the discussion between Twitter and Musk about fake “robot” accounts on the social platform.

According to billionaires, the proportion of fake accounts in the total is much greater than what is published by Twitter. Many experts say Musk’s position is an exaggeration and will not be strong enough to win in court. Musk claims that the company did not provide him with sufficient information about the user numbers. He also uses that as one of the arguments to blow up the deal.

With the meme, Musk appears to be laughing at the fact that Twitter still has to communicate information about user numbers in court. And so the world’s richest man is showing a mild attitude toward his controversial attempt to take over Twitter, which has also put pressure on Tesla’s share price.

Musk doesn’t want to buy Twitter after all, but the company goes to court to let a $44 billion deal go through anyway.

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