September 26, 2022

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Two leaders of the French anti-vaccination movement died of Corona

Two leaders of the French anti-vaccination movement died of Corona

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Two union leaders who campaigned against the demand for vaccination at the French Foreign Ministry in Martinique have died from the effects of infection with the Corona virus. Alain Decaille was president of the Federation of Independent Taxi and Aimé Agat was president of the union of artists. It is possible that they were infected during a business meeting with the authorities. Other people out there are also infected, but they are bearing the consequences for now, most likely because they have been vaccinated, although not everyone is willing to give a definitive answer.

Governor Stanislas Cazelles, who attended the meeting, says: In the Huffington Post: “I am one of the examples of people who have contracted corona, unfortunately, despite vaccination. But it also shows the protection afforded by the vaccine. That means I had very mild symptoms for a couple of days, then nothing more.”

Decaille (61) died on Monday. He led, among other things, slow action against the introduction of the vaccination obligation and was hospitalized for three weeks after infection, eventually in intensive care. On the same day, in the intensive care unit, Agat, who was only 48 years old, died. During the meeting where the contamination occurred, the attendees adhered to the established Corona measures, such as maintaining a distance between them. In November, protests against compulsory vaccination led to roadblocks and riots on the island.