September 29, 2023

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U.S. companies help abortion workers in other states

U.S. companies help abortion workers in other states

The U.S. Supreme Court plans to annul a nationwide abortion nearly 50 years later, leaked Starting this month From. This sparked a wave of discontent among many protesters across the country. In the Netherlands, too, demonstrations were held in solidarity with American women.

It soon became clear what the consequences would be. Conservative State of Oklahoma Into law immediately It prohibits abortion from six weeks of pregnancy. More and more Americans have a good chance of introducing such a drastic deadline. If the Supreme Court decides to abolish abortion, the nonprofit GoodMatcher expects 26 of the 50 U.S. states to ban abortion.

Key employers in the process

Bee Growing number U.S. companies are already taking action. To prevent employees from facing embarrassment, they promise to help their employees. “If you’re concerned about access to vital health care in your state, Salesforce will provide financial assistance for travel available through our health care providers, and / or help you and your immediate family relocate,” Salesforce CEO Brent Haider wrote to staff. , CNBC reports

Earlier, major employers such as Amazon, Apple, Citigroup, Lewis, Tesla and Yelp announced that they wanted to reimburse travel expenses for employees living and working in states with restricted abortion laws. For example, to keep this secret and private within most public companies, they choose to specify the price of benefits such as the ‘Employee Benefit’ in their financial statements.

‘Harm to the economy’

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says abortion is also banned Harm to the economyAccording to Yellen, the right to abortion has allowed more women to go to work and finish school, which has led to higher wages for women.

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Abortion law in the Netherlands

Abortion is allowed in the Netherlands until the 24th week of pregnancy. In practice, doctors consider 22 weeks because they can accurately determine the duration of pregnancy up to two weeks. After that, abortion can be performed only for very serious medical reasons.

There is still a period of forced reflection at this time, but it has a good chance of being eliminated soon. Majority in the House of Representatives This period of forced reaction supported the bill being thrown in the trash.

Abortion pill

Pregnancy can be stopped with an abortion pill or surgery. At the moment only abortion clinics are allowed to offer abortion pills, but some GPs prefer to do it themselves.

If it is for the House of Representatives, it will happen soon. The majority supported it recently Bill to allow this. This is the second change in abortion rules in a short period of time.