December 2, 2022

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U.S. military hackers aid Ukraine in 'offensive operations'

U.S. military hackers aid Ukraine in ‘offensive operations’

US hacking operations in support of Ukraine took place in response to the Russian invasion, and the Russians also deployed cyber attacks. “We have carried out a variety of operations across the spectrum: offensive, defensive and information operations,” Nagason, who is also the director of NSA intelligence, told the newspaper. British TV channel Sky

According to the General, American cyber activities ensured that foreign hackers were monitored before they could use their resources against the United States. “It’s powerful because we see our enemies and expose their tools.” United Nations Warns For some time Russia has been at risk of cyber attacks.

The satellite network is down

During the Russian invasion, there were several Russian cyber attacks on targets in Ukraine. According to Nagason, its effects should not be underestimated. He calls them ‘destroying’ and ‘destroying’.

Russian government hackers shut down Vyasat’s satellite network. Western nations sayThe satellite network was used by the Ukrainian military, which made internal communication very difficult in the early days of the war. The attack on Viasat not only caused problems for Ukrainian governments, companies and citizens, but also caused damage in EU countries.

Russia also put up several editions in Ukraine Destructive wipe software Inside, according to the US General, Ukraine is “incredibly busy” on the Internet front.

Dangerous attacks on the United States and its allies

The risk of Russian attacks on the United States is very high, Nakasone insists. “We are vigilant every day. I’m always thinking about it. We are working with allies to prevent them. Not only attacks on the United States, but attacks on our allies are also being carried out.”

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FBI Recently warned For Russian hacking attacks on US energy companies and other key infrastructure.