September 30, 2022

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U.S. police find murderer in bathtub completely concrete

U.S. police find murderer in bathtub completely concrete

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In Los Angeles, two people have been arrested on suspicion of murder after Hawaii police found the body of a man in his bathtub.


The family of a 73-year-old man from the expensive suburb of Honolulu on the island of Hawaii was worried last week that they had not heard anything from him. Police arrived at the scene and allowed Juan DeJador Barron, 23, into the home, claiming he was in a relationship with the man. Allowed police into the home. Authorities did not find the missing man, but found a “concrete-filled” bathtub. The investigation was then carried out by detectives from the murder unit, who found the body of a 73-year-old man in concrete on Tuesday. Baron had already fled.

Baron and co-defendant Scott Hanan, 34, are suspected of murder. “After the murder, the two suspects continued to live in the victim’s home, using his money until neighbors complained about the smell coming from the home,” the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement. The men would put the body on the concrete and then spray coffee powder all over to further obscure the odor.

Baron was arrested by LA police on Wednesday as he was about to catch a bus to Mexico. The man tried to hide in a luggage compartment under a seat, but was unsuccessful. Hanan was also arrested shortly afterwards, but was released due to lack of evidence.

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