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Ubisoft postpones Ghost Recon Frontline private beta indefinitely – Games – News

Here’s the Ghost Recon “Addict” s-)

I played all Ghost Recon games.
Both Wildlands and Breakpoint are played in the story
Wildlands twice, once alone and the second time with 3 team members.

Wildlands was a great game PvP was very busy and good to play, with a nice atmosphere in solo and in PvP, but also playing the story with other players was and still is very fun
Then you have Ghostmode, if you get hurt you can be “med” by your fellow players or your computer buddies.
Dying = really dead = restarting the story, a difficult concept.
The PvP part is very similar to the 4v4 in the original Ghostrecon and it certainly wasn’t bad.
It depends a lot on the players whether you play Ghost (hide and seek) or just walk straight to each other and shoot, but in the first case it’s a lot of fun.

Breakpoint was a completely different game, and there were many players who wanted them to bring back more Wildlands in Breakpoint, and then the “Coop” members on PC, who were not very well developed in Breakpoint.
Also, PvP in Breakpoint wasn’t well developed, weird open maps, and nothing “Ghost” could be.

This BR could be really nice, provided they turn up the Ghost part, but as far as can be seen in the trailer, there’s no missed opportunity.

But I hope they are up now and that will be something.

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