February 1, 2023

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UGent begins a new search for the first Countess of Flanders, and the cause is Tom Waes

Judith of West Francia was a princess who became the first Countess of Flanders in the ninth century. This story was discussed last Sunday in the third episode of the TV show “Het Verhaal van Vlaanderen”.

About 20 years ago, during excavations in St. Peter’s Square, bones were found that, according to experts, can be attributed to Judith. Scientific research was carried out according to the techniques of the times, but it did not bear much fruit, except to confirm that she was a woman. Whether it was Judith is uncertain. Then the bones disappeared into the archives for 20 years. Until a few months ago.

During the recording of the program, Professor Stephen Vanderbotten (UGent) and city archaeologist Gert Vermeeren spoke, which led to the idea of ​​dusting off the finds and opening a new investigation.

“While we were waiting for Tom Weiss, we got into a conversation. We both wondered why we didn’t investigate further,” Vanderbotten explains. VRT NWS. “This is how the ball started rolling between the shots and the idea of ​​starting a new investigation arose. If Tom hadn’t been waiting so long, he might not have come so far, ”the professor laughs.

Immediately after filming, Vanderputten called his university classmates. “There was a lot of enthusiasm for further research. Not only of the bones themselves, but also of the mysterious figure of Judith van Vlanden.” The research is very broad, Vanderpaten says, historically, archaeologically, and anthropologically.

“We have already learned very interesting things. We will publish the results in a few months.”

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