December 4, 2022

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UK Market Authority rules again that Meta should sell Giphy – IT Pro – Toxic News

In many countries, a court issues a judgment, which both parties to a lawsuit can appeal. I don’t use terms like Supreme court or Supreme Council, because this is arranged slightly differently in each country. However, the principles are broadly the same in many countries. You can appeal because you believe a procedural error has been made, but also because you believe the court has reached a wrong conclusion or because you do not agree with the ruling. If either party appeals, a higher court will rule again. There is no appeal against this decision.

However, there is an important exception to this, which is that one of the parties is of the opinion that the Supreme Court made a procedural error (for example, it took into account evidence that should not have been taken into account). what or what Not It is more under discussion and what is no longer seen by the highest judicial body, is outcome or punishment. If the correct procedure is followed, the ruling of the Supreme Court stands. In the event of a procedural error, the highest court decides to reverse or correct parts of the criminal process, or even start over.

What happened at Giphy is that the British competition authority has come up with a ruling, against which Meta has sued. So this is the first lawsuit, in the lowest court. After all, the competition authority is not a court. That court ruled that the competition authority had not made a well-founded assessment and that the competition authority’s judgment was therefore invalid. She has to do her job again – back to the start. The Competition Authority has now done so and Meta has launched a lawsuit against this new ruling. If the judge rules that the competition authority has reached a valid judgment and is therefore in the court’s favour, Meta can appeal, which will lead us to the second judge. This is where we haven’t gotten to yet, because we’re still at that first step.

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So you’re right: this case isn’t over yet.