January 29, 2023

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Ukraine has lost about 15 percent of its grain storage capacity |  Ukraine and Russia war

Ukraine has lost about 15 percent of its grain storage capacity | Ukraine and Russia war

About 15 percent of Ukraine’s grain storage capacity has been lost since the war with Russia began. This is according to a US report published Thursday. The negative consequences for global food security were also noted.

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Since the start of the war, Ukraine has lost access to silos and other storage facilities that hold about 8.5 million tons of grain, according to estimates by the Washington-backed Conflict Monitor.

Of the 58 million tons of storage capacity in Ukraine, the Russians confiscated 6.24 million and destroyed 2.25 million tons, the report said.


These heavy losses raise questions about Ukraine’s ability to continue to serve as the breadbasket of many countries that depend on the country for supplies of wheat, corn and sunflower.

According to the Conflict Monitor, the lack of space makes it difficult for Ukrainian farmers to store this year’s crop and may also prevent them from planting for next season.


Millions of people around the world depend on Ukrainian agricultural products and are directly affected by the sharp rise in commodity market prices due to shortages associated with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. ”
The department of the prestigious Yale University and the laboratory of the US Department of Energy made significant contributions to the recognition.

The results are based on satellite images analyzed by algorithms that estimate the destruction of facilities such as silos.

Grain harvesting in Ukraine. © AP

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