October 1, 2022

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Ukraine is trying to clamp down on the Russians: “Another important bridge was destroyed in Kherson” |  Ukraine and Russia war

Ukraine is trying to clamp down on the Russians: “Another important bridge was destroyed in Kherson” | Ukraine and Russia war

Ukraine claims to have once again destroyed a crucial bridge for the Russians in Kherson, in the south of the country. By bombing strategically important bridges in the region, the Ukrainian army is trying to stop the Russians. According to Kyiv, the bridge on the embankment in the city of Nova Kachovka – which has already been attacked – is now impassable. The message has not been independently verified.

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Earlier this week Ukrainian forces have already reported that they bombed the Antonovsky bridge over the Dnieper, in a suburb of Kherson. This bridge was of great importance for supplies. According to the British Ministry of Defense, the Russians tried to repair the damage, but only half succeeded. As a result, the bridge remains unstable.

Now the bridge at Nova Kachovka, located about 55 kilometers northeast of Kherson, has been flattened. “It has been confirmed that the bridge on the Nova Kakhovka Dam has been destroyed and as a result has been decommissioned,” the Ukrainian military said on Facebook. In other words, the Russians could no longer cross the bridge with their heavy armored vehicles.


According to Britain’s Ministry of Defense, thousands of Russian troops will now rely on barely two crossing points with floating ferries for their supplies. Military experts estimate that the opportunity to isolate these forces from the rest of the Russian armed forces is increasing.

Russia defeated Kherson in the early days of the invasion. With this conquest, the Russians were able to establish land contact with Russia and other Ukrainian regions they had occupied since the invasion. The region also has strategic importance because it borders Crimea, which Moscow annexed in 2014. Last month, Russia announced that it would no longer focus on eastern Ukraine, but would focus on the southern regions of Kherson and Zaporizhzhya.

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The bombing of various bridges is part of the Ukrainian counter-offensive and aims to restore the city of Kherson and the entire region of the same name.