December 6, 2022

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Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest, so what next?  'Unprecedented situation' but the first talks tomorrow

Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest, so what next? ‘Unprecedented situation’ but the first talks tomorrow

It is a rule in the Eurovision Song Contest and is self-evident: the country that wins the organization of the same song contest the following year. Exceptions to this can be counted on the one hand: Monaco won in 1971, for example, but no suitable location was found in the small state for the 1972 edition. Then the British public broadcaster took over the organization and the circus moved to Edinburgh.

“But for a country to win a war, this is an unprecedented situation,” said Sitsie Bakker, a member of the Eurovision steering committee and producer of the Song Contest in Rotterdam last year. “There is no script ready for this.”

And the Ukrainians themselves have already indicated that they prefer to organize the song contest themselves in “Peaceful and Reunite Ukraine”. “Of course I understand very well that Ukraine is saying that, because that would mean that that terrible war is over,” Packer says. “But there are also other options because in order to organize the Eurovision Song Contest, we must be able to ensure the safety of everyone who visits the festival.”

“In the coming weeks there will be vigorous discussions between the European Broadcasting Union, which organizes the song contest, and the Ukrainians,” Bakker said.

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