February 5, 2023

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Ukrainian Energy Minister warns of Russian missile attacks in the New Year Zelensky: “9 million people are still without electricity” | Ukraine and Russia war

Ukraine’s Energy Minister Herman Halushenko warned the public about large-scale Russian missile strikes on New Year’s Eve. Despite repairs to Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, which has been badly damaged so far, about nine million citizens are still without electricity. This is what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his daily video address. “But the number and duration of power outages is decreasing,” she said.

“The Russians have not abandoned attacks on our energy grid,” Minister Halushenko told Ukrainian television. “Since they are targeting certain dates, New Year’s is probably one of the dates they will try to damage our power grid.”

Currently, everything is being done to restore the country’s power grid so that Ukrainians can celebrate the New Year. But the minister said that there would be no new Russian attacks after that.

Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushenko. © AFP

Shortage of power supply

In his speech, President Zelensky also warned of new Russian attacks on the Ukrainian energy grid. “The air defense is preparing, the state is preparing, and everyone must prepare,” he said. According to the president, there is still a lot of power supply shortage.

She added that during his consultations with government representatives regarding the state of the energy sector and infrastructure, important decisions were taken. “We are preparing for the next year, and not just for the winter months,” said the Ukrainian head of state. “There are steps that must be taken and the state will definitely take them.” Zelensky did not give any other details.

For weeks now, the Russians, who invaded Ukraine at the end of February, have been attacking Ukraine’s power grid with missiles and drones, leading to massive blackouts. Moscow wants to squeeze the population in this way during the cold winter months.

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