December 7, 2023

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United States: Hybrid and electric cars are moderately optimistic

United States: Hybrid and electric cars are moderately optimistic

While electric cars are on the rise in Europe (with a 9.8% market share), they are still in doubt in the United States.

A study published by Deloitte confirms that 69% of those surveyed across the Atlantic choose a combustion engine vehicle with little to no electrification when buying their next new car. 17% of them say they are ready to go for a simple hybrid powertrain, but only 5% prefer a plug-in hybrid and another 5% prefer a full-electric model. Finally, choose another alternative, such as 4% hydrogen.

Despite President Joe Biden’s forecast, electrified models do not immediately appear credible in the United States. Generous premiums At gLittle To increase their appeal. But even From Famous models in the US market KThere Such as offer 100% electrical variation Ford F-150 For example.

The distances are too great

According to this study, in a country where distances are often very long, the driving limit of electric cars is a major pain for Americans. Furthern Fifty states are not well covered by high-performance charging infrastructure. Considering the vastness of the country, this is a move that could take many more years!

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