On the evening of Tuesday, June 18, 2024, the symbolic opening of the place dedicated to commemorating the Corona victims took place in Zweindrecht. This is a Corona memorial tree. Mayor Leon Annenk, together with initiator and resident Goni De Haas, inaugurated the venue by unveiling the commemorative banner near the tree.

Memorial tree

The memorial tree is located in Willem van Orangelaan near Jan van Nasostraat. It is ginkgo biloba. A footpath has been created around the tree and there is a bench in front of the tree.

Visible and invisible consequences

Most people have left the Corona period behind them. Unfortunately, this does not apply to everyone. For some people, Corona never goes away. For example, because they lost a loved one. Or because they sometimes suffer from severe complaints as a result of the long coronavirus. The sadness is still present in them, and the consequences of this difficult period are still noticeable.

Mayor Leon Annenk and Councilor Jacqueline Van Dongen gave a short speech at the opening. Mayor Leon Annenk: “With the memorial tree, we give residents a place to commemorate their loved ones who died due to Corona. But of course also to think about the consequences of the virus. Many residents are still dealing with this. That is why I think it is important that we can offer this The place is for residents.”

Councilor Jacqueline Van Dongen: “The tree and location have been carefully chosen. This tree symbolizes hope, the power of life and love and will be here for a very long time. In the fall its leaves turn a beautiful golden yellow. How lovely that we can fulfill the wishes of Mrs Gunnie de Haas And so many other people in our community can embrace it and see it come to fruition here.”

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Goni de Haas previously spoke with the municipality about the possibility of creating a memorial site. This place exists now. De Haas: “Loneliness, fear, (silent) sadness and much more: it was all there. I hope the memorial site will become a place of rest, memory and remembrance for everyone who has been affected in any way during the Corona pandemic.” “.

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