July 21, 2024

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Urgent warning from the Banks Union: “Hang up immediately!”

Urgent warning from the Banks Union: “Hang up immediately!”

By posing as fake customers, for example, or by posing as a bank teller or Card Stop employee. This often leads to a stolen bank account.

The Belgian banking sector association, Febelfin, would like to include some rules of caution so that citizens do not fall into the trap. “Card Stop will never proactively contact cardholders to notify them of fraudulent transactions.”

“Therefore, please do not accept calls requesting action on behalf of Card Stop. These are scam calls intended to obtain personal information. Hang up immediately!”

Furthermore, you may never provide your PIN or any other banking codes, neither by phone, nor by email, nor by text message, nor via social media.

“You will never be asked to use your bank card reader or any other online banking identifier (eg, itsme) to confirm payment or cancel fraudulent transactions.”

To file a complaint

Anyone who has fallen victim to scammers should have their card blocked as soon as possible by calling Card Stop on 078/170.170. Also contact your bank and file a complaint with the police.

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