February 6, 2023

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US and EU call for “unconditional escalation” in Kosovo

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The United States and the European Union called for “unconditional de-escalation” in northern Kosovo on Wednesday. Tensions have been rising along the border with neighboring Serbia for the past few days.

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“We urge everyone to exercise utmost restraint and take immediate steps to defuse the situation unconditionally,” a spokesperson for the US State Department and a spokesperson for the European Union said in a joint press release.

They called on both sides to “refrain from any provocation, threats and intimidation”. “We are working with President Vučić (Serbia) and Prime Minister Kurdi (Kosovo) to find a political solution that calms things down and moves forward in the interest of stability, security and well-being of all citizens.

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The statement came after the head of the Serbian army, General Milan Mojcilovic, was sent to the Kosovo border on Sunday by President Vučić. Serbian Defense Minister Miloš Vucevic announced Monday evening that the army has been put on high alert amid tensions in neighboring Kosovo.

Serbia does not recognize the independence of its former southern province. Kosovo, with its Albanian majority, declared independence in 2008. As Pristina seeks to exercise sovereignty over the entire territory, Serbia encourages Kosovo’s approximately 120,000 Serbs to defy local authorities.

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