December 4, 2022

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US Army doctor and wife accused of spying for Russia

US Army doctor and wife accused of spying for Russia

Jamie Lee Henry (left) and Anna Gabrielian (right) © Twitter, LinkedIn

In the United States, an army doctor and his wife were charged with conspiring to leak classified information to the Russian government. BBC reported.

jvhSource: BBC

Maj. Jamie Lee Henry, 39, is accused of abusing his security clearance at Fort Bragg, the main military hospital where he works, and planning to leak private military information and military medical procedures to the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC. His wife Anna Gabrielian (36), a doctor at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, also wanted to leak information.

The pair reportedly approached the Russian embassy of their own free will after the invasion of Ukraine. In August, they were approached by a man who claimed to work at the embassy but was actually an FBI agent. In a meeting with the secret guard, Henry reportedly said, “I am motivated by patriotism for Russia, even if it means dismissal or going to prison.” In another meeting, he reportedly said he was considering volunteering for the Russian army.

The pair now face up to five years in prison for espionage and ten years for each count of sharing patients’ personal information.

Notable: Henry was the first US military officer to come out as transgender as an active soldier. He received permission from the military in 2015 to officially change his name and gender.

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