October 1, 2022

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US Congressman ‘shocked’ by Belgium-Iran extradition protocol

In the US, a Republican congressman reacted with shock to the news that Belgium had agreed to a protocol with Iran that would allow for prisoner exchanges. Texas-born Randy Weber said in a video message that “I was shocked to learn that the Belgian government has signed an agreement with the global leader of state-sponsored terrorism.”

The protocol was announced on Friday. This applies not only to Iran but also to India and the United Arab Emirates. The government tabled the Consent Bill in the House, which will be debated in a competent committee next week. U.S. Congressman Randy Weber fears that a deal with Tehran could allow Asadullah Azadi, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison in Antwerp last year for his role in foiling the bombings in Paris targeting Iranian opposition, to change and eventually release him.

Weber said Belgium is “planning to send Iranian terrorists back to Iran”. In Belgium, the opposition N-VA is considering whether Azadi will be replaced by Iranian-Swedish VUB professor Ahmadreza Jalali. If the House approves the Consent Act, Weber says, ‘Belgium will be turned into a safe haven for mullahs’ terrorism’. “It’s not only wrong, it’s immoral and it will leave Europe and the Americans insecure and ripe for more terrorism from the Iranian regime.”

He is therefore asking the Belgian Parliament not to ratify this law. “Don’t put the snake that tried to kill you back in its cage,” said Weber. On Friday, a dozen opponents of the Iranian regime had already demonstrated against the ratification law. It happened near the Federal Parliament. Activists also fear that the law may allow Azadi’s release.

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