March 24, 2023

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Amerikaanse burgemeester wil bitcoin minen voor inwoners

US mayor wants to mine bitcoin for residents Crypto Insiders

The mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri, wants Bitcoin (BTC) Start the mine and then distribute it among the townspeople.

Jason Stewart, also known as Mayor, is a pro-crypto and has spoken openly about this before. For example, he once mentioned that he planned to buy the value of Bitcoin $ 1.000 te ‘airdroppen’ For those who live in the Cool Valley. He is now with the idea of ​​Bitcoin Tunnel Coming up is not a complete surprise.

Initially, Stewart planned to pay $ 500 worth of BTC, but after positive reactions and more funding than expected, the amount doubled.

As mentioned, Stewart is pro-crypto and especially pro-Bitcoin. According to him, decentralized technologies can solve the problems of traditional financial systems. It should also ensure that there is a very efficient monetary policy.

Bitcoin mining in the United States

The fact that Jason Stewart wants to start a bitcoin mine is generally consistent with the bitcoin mining in the United States. That’s it Mining ban There was a lot of criticism about crypto mining in China earlier this year. Energy consumption was very high and the ban had a huge impact on the price of bitcoin.

Since then, environmentally friendly ways of mining have been developed, and the United States plays a major role. In October, it was announced that the United States The world’s largest bitcoin mining country Has become.

Stewarts Bitcoin Mining Project

Jason Stewart has not yet released anything about the actual Bitcoin mining project, but it has already been received favorably.

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In part, the Cool Fence is expected to deploy a hydropower plant near the Bitcoin mine. The city can maintain a ‘green’ image and improve the lives of its citizens through passive income.