December 6, 2022

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US midterm elections: Democrats need just one more seat to retain control of Senate, Nevada's Republican governor

US midterm elections: Democrats need just one more seat to retain control of Senate, Nevada’s Republican governor

Democratic Senator Mark Kelly. © AFP

American media reported on Friday that a Democratic senator has been re-elected in the state of Arizona. President Joe Biden’s party is just one seat short of a majority in the Senate. In Nevada, a Republican was elected governor.

mtmSource: Belga, CNN

Former astronaut Mark Kelly defeated Republican opponent Blake Masters in the southwestern state, according to television channels CNN and CBS.

Democrat Mark Kelly has been married to former politician Gabrielle Giffords since 2007. Several months after being seriously injured in a shooting in 2011, Kelly decided to resign as a NASA astronaut to care for her.

Including Arizona, 98 of the 100 seats in the US Senate are already up for grabs. With only Georgia and Nevada still to go, the score between Democrats and Republicans is now evenly split: 49-49. In Nevada, it’s very tight right now: With 94 percent of the ballots counted, Republican Adam Laxalt and Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto are now only 800 votes apart. In percentage terms, that means 48.5 for Laxalt and 48.4 for Cortez Masto.

It was announced earlier A run-off is all it takes to decide who will be Georgia’s next senator. Southern voters will go to the polls again on Dec. 6 to decide whether Democrat Raphael Warnock or Republican Herschel Walker can represent them.

If the Democrats win one more state, they will retain control of the Senate. In the event of a tie, the vice president also gets a vote, allowing the vice president’s party (currently Democrat Kamala Harris) to have a single majority.

Governor Nevada

Republicans have won the gubernatorial election in Nevada. Conservative Joe Lombardo defeated Democrat Steve Sisolak, according to various media outlets. During the election campaign, Lombardo received support from former Republican President Donald Trump.

The US midterm elections are already underway on Tuesday, but counting of votes in Nevada took a long time because the two opponents were evenly matched and because of voting rights rules in the state.

At present 48 of the 50 governors are known. Alaska and Arizona are the only states that have yet to declare a winner. Right now, Democrats have 23 governors and Republicans have 25. In Alaska, only 72 percent of the vote has been counted, but Republican Mike Dunleavy appears to have a convincing lead. In Arizona, things were even hotter: Democrat Katie Hobbs won 84 percent with 50.7 percent of the vote, while Republican Kari Lake got 49.3 percent.

Nevada’s New Governor: Republican Joe Lombardo. © AFP

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