February 2, 2023

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US, Netherlands discuss ban on ASML chip machine exports to China |  Weldoven

US, Netherlands discuss ban on ASML chip machine exports to China | Weldoven

VELDOVEN – The Netherlands and the United States are expected to enter into talks this month on the control of ASML’s supply of chip machines to China. This was reported by Bloomberg news agency based on interviews with insiders.

With this, the US intends to further increase pressure on the Netherlands to stop exports from ASML to China, although the sources do not expect an agreement to be reached. For example, the Netherlands has previously expressed its concerns about tough US export sanctions against China, particularly in the chip technology sector. ASML plays an important role in this field.

ASML is currently not allowed to sell its advanced EUV machines to China. These are becoming increasingly important for Veldhoven. For example, ASML received orders worth 8.9 billion euros in the third quarter. Of this, 3.8 billion euros consisted of orders for EUV devices.


Sales of other products are allowed to continue, meaning ASML’s deliveries are lower than those of US competitors. According to an insider, the conversation will be part of an ongoing consultation between the US and the Netherlands, which also discusses other topics related to technology cooperation between the two countries.

Sources previously told Bloomberg that the US will hold talks with the EU to work together on sanctions against China.