December 6, 2022

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US plans to send nuclear-capable B-52 bombers from Australia

US plans to send nuclear-capable B-52 bombers from Australia

The United States has announced plans to send six conventional and nuclear-capable B-52 long-range bombers from Australia.E Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) on Monday. The move could fuel further tensions with Beijing.

Special facilities for the bombers will be set up at Tyndall, a remote Australian Air Force base about 300 km south of Darwin, the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. ABC program Four Corners reported. The program cites US documents as its source.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Australia “occasionally” cooperates with the US in defense alliances. “Of course, there are visits to Australia, including Darwin, where US marines are stationed on a rotational basis,” the Albanian told a press conference.

The United States has extensive plans for what it calls a “Force Operations Facility” to maintain and sustain aircraft during dry periods.

The plan sends a strong signal to adversaries about Washington’s ability to deploy lethal air forces, a US Air Force report shows.

Last year, the US, Britain and Australia signed a defense agreement to provide Australia with technology to deploy nuclear-powered submarines.

Becca Wasser, researcher in Washington A New American Security Center, told ABC that stationing the B-52s in Australia would allow them to reach mainland China, a warning to Beijing. But it could also target Australia if it cooperates with the US on Taiwan or grants Australia more flight and access rights for Americans.

Prof Victor GaoAn active member and vice-chairman of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Center for China and Globalization at Suzhou University in China, told the ABC – if war breaks out it will be all-out war, leading quickly to Armageddon. “Don’t think that building air bases in northern Australia will save itself. China is a superpower and will not be deceived.’

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