July 22, 2024

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US President Biden has supported his upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia in opinion pieces

US President Biden has supported his upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia in opinion pieces

In an op-ed in The Washington Post on Saturday, US President Joe Biden defended his decision to visit Saudi Arabia next week. On the topic of “Why I’m Going to Saudi Arabia,” President Biden says he wants to develop a “strategic partnership.” He also pledges loyalty to “fundamental American values.”

“I know many people disagree with my decision to travel to Saudi Arabia,” the president wrote about the controversial visit. ‘My views on human rights are clear and have been for a long time. Fundamental freedoms are always on the agenda when I travel abroad and this trip will be no different.’

President Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia is on the verge of ending Washington’s efforts to sideline Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. According to US intelligence, the crown prince, the de facto leader of the Gulf nation, was responsible for the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. Khashoggi wrote to The Washington Post and criticized Bin Salman. During his campaign, Biden said he still viewed Saudi Arabia as a laughingstock because of the assassination.

Last week, the White House announced that President Biden would meet with the Saudi prince during the trip. “As president, my job is to keep our country strong and safe,” Biden wrote. ‘To do this, we need to be in direct contact with the countries of influence. Saudi Arabia is one of these countries, and in my meeting with Saudi leaders on Friday, my aim will be to strengthen our strategic partnership.

As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and US sanctions against Russia, President Biden is looking for other energy suppliers. Saudi Arabia has large gas and oil reserves, and the United States hopes to increase production to counter rising energy prices.

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