January 28, 2023

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US restricts exports of high-performance Nvidia GPUs to Russia and China

US restricts exports of high-performance Nvidia GPUs to Russia and China

Nvidia is no longer allowed to export high-performance data center GPUs to Russia and China without a license. This could result in a revenue loss of around $400 million for the company.

Nvidia shouldn’t export its powerful A100 and H100 GPUs anywhere. Old ampere chips and New Hopper GPUs Power centers focused on HPC systems built for AI workloads. These components are well-suited for supercomputers for military purposes, the US now argues. That’s why exports of chips are now there controlled.

Specifically, Nvidia will no longer be allowed to export A100s and H100s to China and Russia without a license. It should reduce the risk of misuse. DGX systems based on chips will also fall under the measure, as well as future chips that are as powerful or more powerful than the Nvidia A100.

Foregone income

The move could saddle Nvidia with about 400 million in lost revenue, mainly due to limited access to the Chinese market. Nvidia currently does not sell any hardware to Russia. As a result of this move, the company may have to remove some operations from China, which may have a negative impact on product planning.

On the other hand, that’s not to say that everything is going so smoothly. After all, Nvidia can get licenses if the US deems the customer safe. The move shows how the US still wants to quickly project its power in the Chip nation. After all, China works Persistence and with fair success More powerful proprietary chips to break away from America.