December 5, 2023

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US ‘returns to work’, according to President Biden

US 'returns to work', according to President Biden

US ‘returns to work’, according to President Biden

WASHINGTON (AP / BLOOMBERG) – President Joe Biden is of the opinion that his plans to improve the US economy are “working”. He said after the new U.S. government jobs report showed that 6.4 million jobs were added in the United States last year. Biden insisted Friday that no other president has achieved this in a calendar year. “America is back at work,” he said.

After losing more than 22 million jobs at the start of the corona epidemic, a rapid vaccination campaign early last year saw a significant recovery in the economy. With a $ 1.9 trillion support package, Biden succeeded in stimulating consumer and corporate demand, converting nearly 17 1700 billion. Unemployment finally fell to 3.9 percent in December, well below economists’ expectations at the beginning of last year.

However, not all Americans believe in Fiden’s economic policies. Recent polls suggest that many are dissatisfied, especially as inflation has risen sharply. Biden tried to counter the film with his comments on Friday. He also denied claims by politicians that he would not do enough to address the steep rise in prices for ordinary Americans.

For example, Biden outlined the steps his management would take to reduce disruptions to companies’ global distribution chains. These distortions are considered to be the main reason for the high price. He called on politicians in Washington to approve his new economic plan worth about $ 2 trillion. That package will also help control inflation.