December 7, 2023

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US submarine damaged in China Sea ...

US submarine damaged in China Sea …

The U.S. nuclear submarine that crashed in the Chinese Sea last month hit unidentified seas. This is according to initial findings released on Monday.

A U.S. Navy spokesman said:

The results of the investigation into the incident have been handed over to Vice Admiral Carl Thomas, commander of the Seventh Fleet, which said it would now decide whether to impose sanctions.

Eleven people were injured

The USS Connecticut Sea Wolf nuclear submarine struck an unidentified object underwater in the South China Sea on the afternoon of October 2. 11 employees were injured. The submarine was able to reach the island of Guam because it was at sea.

China claims ownership of almost the entire South China Sea and has built military outposts on small islands, while the United States and its allies continue to patrol the region’s international seas to ensure their right to free navigation.

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