December 6, 2023

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Utrecht-Neusblad, Utrecht / Velamedia

Utrecht – Are you a real news hunter? Is your city Utrecht and do you think you know what news really touches our reader? You are our new reporter at AD Utrechts Nieuwsblad!

what are you going to do
At AD Utrechts Nieuwsblad we are happy to make space for you as a reporter. Decide which topics you most want to work on, by coming up with good story ideas each day. Regional press is a diverse world. On Monday, you are at the doorstep of a resident of Lessum, who saw his house built with bales of straw. On Tuesday, Latifa has a personal interview with a patient with corona. And later in the week you can submit a wob application because you want to know all about the timing of a big traffic project. Or would you get first class if you found out that a senior bank executive was renting a house in Utrecht without a license.

What makes you the ideal candidate?
You are a true news hunter who can’t wait to get your posts online first. You’ve earned your spurs in regional journalism or you’re a talent who wants to show the world what modern journalism should be like.
You have a nose for news, but you also don’t turn your hand to an exciting rebuild, a report from the street or a cute interview. Readers subscribe to your stories and our subscribers want to stay with us longer. You feel the city and the region flawlessly, you understand the advertising brand, and you know what the story needs to delight as many readers as possible.

What do we offer

A place on the editorial board of the leading news brand in the Utrecht region. You work in an urban area as much as it is rural. It is the fastest growing region in the Netherlands, an area where people love their city or village very much. An area where many people live and work, where living together is not always easy. An area full of stories to tell. Big or small, sweet or confrontational, urgent or entertaining.

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We also offer:
• A challenging job in the best editorial office in the Netherlands.
• An educational place in the largest news site in the Netherlands.
• Plenty of space for private input and initiative;
• Opportunity for growth.
• Competitive salary.

The regional editorial office in Utrecht of AD newspaper – the largest news website in the Netherlands – is the place to develop yourself as a journalist. Not only because you get a chance to do a lot, but also because we are part of De Persgroep, which offers a lot of courses on its own campus. Podcasting, narration, and research on the dark web: The course offering is wide and there’s always new things to learn.

AD Utrechts Nieuwsblad is part of DPG Media. As the largest media company in the Netherlands, we are open to all talents in the community. We therefore invite candidates with diverse backgrounds in the broadest sense of the word to apply for this position. Precisely because of the differences between colleagues, surprising insights and innovative solutions emerged. This suits us well as an organization. We are curious who you are and what qualities and experience you bring.

Apply, then what?
Do you want to immediately start as a reporter? Then submit an application no later than Sunday 23 January 2022 via this link With your resume and motivation.

Want to learn more first? Send an email to Marije van ‘t Hoog, President of AD Utrechts Nieuwsblad: [email protected]

Our recruiters are doing a great job, so we don’t need any help to fill our vacancies. thank you!

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More reasons to work at DPG Media
At DPG Media, we work with over 90 powerful news brands, magazines, TV shows, radio stations, and online services such as Qmusic,, Tweakers, Libelle, VTM and more. We reach over 90% of Dutch and 8 in 10 Flemings every month.
We offer you a professional work environment in which freedom is paramount. We give you plenty of space to work on your future by offering workshops and training. Feel free to be an entrepreneur, a trainee, a team player with us, and above all to be yourself. Everyone is welcome at DPG Media. So apply, whatever your background. Over 5,500 smart teammates are eager to have you on a team, whether it’s a project team, a pub quiz team, or a sports team.

explore What we have to offer you. And while you’re at it, you can also find us at LinkedIn in a Twitter.