July 25, 2024

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Vacation Drama: Parents drown in front of their children

Vacation Drama: Parents drown in front of their children

The tragedy occurred in the US state of Florida, near Hutchinson Island. A couple from Pennsylvania was on vacation with their six children.

When Erica, 48, and Brian, 51, went swimming in the sea, they got into trouble when they were swept away by the strong current, along with two of their children.

“The teens managed to break the current and tried to help their parents. They shouted instructions: They should swim parallel to the shore instead of against the current.” subway From the police statement.

“But they panicked and unfortunately fell. It became very dangerous for the teenagers and they had to swim to reach land.”

“The doctors did their best”

The parents drowned in front of their six children. Rescue teams were able to find them and take them to the beach, where they were revived. He added, “Resuscitation efforts continued in the ambulance and in the hospital, where doctors did their best before declaring the couple’s death.”

The police crisis intervention team assisted the children for the rest of the day until other family members arrived.

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