January 28, 2023

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Van Aert flies away from Van der Poel and knocks everyone out in Cuckside X²O Trophy 2022

Wout van Aert washed his punctured tire at Herentals with a hard sand demonstration at Duinencross in Koksijde. Halfway through the race, the Belgian champion turned on his turbo, and Mathieu van der Poel and Lawrence Swick could not follow. Van Aert was more than a minute and a half ahead of the Dutchman. Eli Iserbyt retained his lead in the X²O standings at fourth.

Van der Poel with a jab

Woot van Aert and Matthew van der Poel have played their eighth match this winter. The Belgian champion won for the fifth time (after victories in Mol, Zolder, Diegem and Loenhout). Koksijde became one to frame.

Match story: Van der Poel quickly rocketed into one of his favorite matches. Van Aert had to use his sprinting ability to close a gap of a few seconds.

The Belgian champion felt he wasn’t dealing with the right type of tyre. In the material publication, he found a version with Tyfoon tires, the heir to the classic Grifos.

Van Aert with the top

Sand specialist Laurens Sweeck rode briefly with two laps to go. Until Van Aert took off halfway at Koksijde Air Base.

With his blazing bike and trail for jogging in the dunes, he flew away from his opponents. On one lap he took 20 seconds over Van der Poel. After one round, the Dutchman was 50 seconds behind the Belgian champion.

Van der Poel knew the time and threw in the towel. Obviously, his back was playing tricks on him again. After 8 laps of racing he had to give up a minute and a half, and Swick finished two minutes behind Van Aert.

Behind the three, Eli Iserbyt extended his lead in the X2O Cup. He added some extra seconds to Lars van der Haar.

On Saturday we race in Gulghem: with van Aert without van der Poel. The two will meet again on Sunday at Quel van Sonhoven.

Feedback after the cross in Koksijde:

  1. 16 hours 14. Suddenly I had back pain again. That’s k*te. Too bad, because I touched this cross. Matthew van der Pol.
  2. 4:08 PM Who’s hitting? This is for show. We hope people will appreciate it. Wout van Aert.
  3. 16 hours 07. top 10. 1. Van Aert 2. Van der Poel 3. Sweeck 4. Iserbyt 5. Van der Haar 6. Vandeputte 7. Adams 8. Ronhaar 9. Kuypers 10. Soete.
  4. 16:05 Iserbyt strengthens the X2O Cup leader. After Swek (the third), he enters the esrbet. He dented Van der Haar for an additional 8 seconds in the X²O Cup intermediate position. .
  5. 4:04 p.m. Mathieu van der Pol finishes in a minute and a half. .
  6. 4:02 p.m. Finish: Van Aert crosses the finish line. Wout van Aert has thrown an uppercut. This is definitely the gesture he portrays in the finale. .
  7. 4 p.m. 01. WVA – MVDP 5-3. Wout van Aert beat Mathieu van der Poel for the fifth time this season. He has previously won duels in Mol, Zolder, Diegem and Loenhout. Now he scored a victory with a golden edge. .
  8. 15 hours 57. Standings. 1. Van Aert 2. Van der Poel – at 1’12” 3. Sweeck – 1’45” 4. Iserbyt – 2’12” 5. Van der Haar – 2’17”.
  9. The last round. Wout van Aert begins his last (honorary) tour. The hands are joined by the number 2 man. Mathieu van der Poel follows for just over a minute. . 15 hours 54.
  10. The end of the Stybar race. Zdenek Stybar must also leave the building. The 3-time World Champion recently started driving for Australia’s Jayco-AlUla line-up. . 15 hours 53.
  11. 15:51. Elie Esserbet does a very good job of ranking. After today it seems hard to keep up. Jurgen Mittenningen.
  12. 15h 48. Van der Poel still has to push hard in the rain. Swake follows a few seconds later. .
  13. Get off Florian Vermeersch. Road racer Florian Vermeersch calls it the day. Just like in Herentals, the Lotto contestant will not reach the end. . 15 hours 47.
  14. 15 hours 44. “Van Aert Van in Valkenburg.” With open mouths we watch the Wout van Aert demonstration. “This is Van Aart at the World Cup in Valkenburg,” we hear colleagues say in the editorial office. As a reminder: Van Aert then won by more than two minutes over Vanthornhout and Van der Poel. .
  15. 15h 42. It looks like Van der Poel has back problems again, and he follows that up with a minute from Van Aert.

    Van der Poel appears to have back problems again, and follows nearly a minute ahead of Van Aert

  16. 15 hours 41. Standings. 1. Van Aert 2. Van der Poel – at 52″ 3. Swick – 1’12” 4. Van der Haar – 1’50” 5. Iserbyt – 1’51”.
  17. 3:40 p.m. Van der Poel is no longer fully functional. It’s working at 80 percent now. Paul Herriggers.
  18. 44 sec. Wout van Aert is burning. Mathieu van der Pol has to surrender 44 seconds. He takes the time to stretch his back. . 15 hours 38.
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