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Van Aert is the best mud demon in Dendermonde, while Van der Poel is second in the comeback |  cyclocross world cup 2021

Van Aert is the best mud demon in Dendermonde, while Van der Poel is second in the comeback | cyclocross world cup 2021

The first confrontation between Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel turned out to be a victory for the Belgian champion. At Dendermonde, Van der Poel kept Van Aert in his sights for a long time, only in the last laps did Spring Break. Tun Airs finished third on the podium.

Watch the summary of the cross in Dondermond:

The Great Entrance to Van der Pol

After three matches and many demonstrations, Wout van Aert went in search of a fourth win of the season at Dendermonde on Boxing Day. It wouldn’t hurt, because someone Matthew van der Poel entered the long-awaited field.

Wherever the world champion starts, there’s something to try, Van der Poel proved by unloading on the spot with a cannon start. From row 3 he was driving in 1, 2, 3 between people.

Van Aert needed a little longer to get up quickly in the mud, but when he also found his rhythm, he quickly joined forces with excellent Van der Poel and Toon Aerts up front. The trio were allowed to fight each other for victory.

As Aertes slid away down a slope, Van Aert thought it was time to take the lead. The pressure of the Belgian champion Van der Poel bowed, but did not explode yet. Meanwhile, Aertes was folded fourfold.

Van Aert, Van der Poel and Aertz colorized the match.

Van Aert maintains error-free reporting

The two giants of the field kept their cat-and-mouse game for a few laps, but halfway through the Dutchman had to believe it. Van Aert turned away, and the battle was over.

Van Aert methodically solidified his lead at Ruth Dendermonde and eventually was ahead of the world champion by 49secs, followed by Aerts as a handsome third at 1’18.

In the background, the damage was even greater, with World Cup leader Eli Eserbet finishing ninth in the 3’13 minute. He sees Michael Fanthornhout, day four, regain some points in the standings, although his lead is still significant.

Thus Van Aert wins for the second year in a row at Dendermonde and retains his perfect report this winter. In addition, along with Van der Poel, he honors a stat from last season: As Big Two begins, they divide places 1 and 2 among themselves.

  1. 16 hours 10. Van der Poel came in at 49 seconds, and Aertes came in third at 1’18. Meanwhile, Michael Vanthornhout exited the corner on his way to fourth, while Hermanns finished fifth. .
  2. It’s 4 pm 09. Van Aert wins! At the moment, there is no volume at Wout van Aert this winter. He also won the Dendermonde, and the returning van der Poel couldn’t change that. & nbsp; .
  3. Van Art left Van der Poel and Ayers behind in the middle of the pass. 4 pm 07.
  4. 4 p.m. 07. Despite Van Aert’s big lags, Van der Poel will still look back with relief in this match. With the ills of the past weeks in mind, he starts off with an impressive run and second place in his season. Father Adri also seemed very happy with our correspondent in the field. .
  5. 4 p.m. 07. 4/4 by Van Aert. Van Aert’s report is flawless after today. The Belgian champion has already competed in three races this season and won them all. Today also will come home with flowers. The numbers that will take you home. .
  6. 4 p.m. If there were 10,000 spectators, this would have been a van Aert tour of honor. Michelle Waits.
  7. 4 pm 02. Final round. Another round and Van Aerez is home. Van der Poel now follows in the 41st minute, and Ayrts in the 57th. Thus, the differences are still high. .
  8. 15 hours 58. In the meantime, Van der Poel lost some momentum. Not surprisingly, because a bird named Van Aert has been flying for a while. If the placements are maintained, one statistic from last season continues: If Van Art and Van der Poel rode a cross together, they would split the 1st and 2nd places between them. .
  9. 3 pm 54. Two more laps. Van Aert laid flat again on the access strip asphalt. Van der Poel now follows at 24 seconds, Aerts at 36. Van Aert once again performs a closet piece. .
  10. 15 hours 51. Van Aert consolidated his lead, which is still good for 15 seconds. With fifteen minutes remaining, it looks like the podium is already ready. .
  11. This trio colored cross. 15 hours 48.
  12. 15 h 48. Van Aert feels that he is gradually bringing his opponent to his knees. With a gloomy look push the pedals toward the muddy bottom. Does Van der Poel still have an answer? .
  13. 10 seconds. Van Aert continues to accelerate and double his lead over Van der Poel. The clock strikes 11 seconds at the start of Round 6. Alerts follow at 19 seconds. Michelle Waits wonders: “Is this happening?” . 15 hours 45.
  14. 3 pm 44. Man to man. Momentum now appears to be in the hands of Van Aert, who put Van der Paul in 5 seconds. At Aerts, the spring seems to have broken gradually, and he already has to give up a good 10 seconds. We’re going to a man-on-man duel between Van Aert and Van der Poel. .
  15. After 15 hours and 43.4 seconds, Van der Poel can play with that. But he can’t let it get to 10. Paul Higgers.
  16. 15 hours 41. A quick change of bike by Van Aert gives him another gap of a few metres. But as we have seen many times today, the situation can be reversed at 1, 2, 3. .
  17. It’s 15:39 in the background we see Tom Bedcock in eighth, 1’15 off the leaders. The Brit proves that one week is not the other. .
  18. 15 o’clock 37. Van der Poel thinks the moment has come and presses Van Aert again. The Belgian champion uses the gear shaft, where it won’t change, to turn the tables again. Aerts shuts down again in a few seconds. .
  19. 15 hours 34. Aerez is also taking part in the balls today. Continue to reduce the difference in the two valves. & nbsp; .
  20. 15 h 33. The demonstration given by Van Aert in Baume is not imminent here. Michelle Waits.
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