February 4, 2023

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Van den Berg and Huybrechts survive first hurdle at Darts World Cup |  darts

Van den Berg and Huybrechts survive first hurdle at Darts World Cup | darts

Qatar’s most important darts tournament kicks off on Thursday with the Darts World Cup. Belgian duo Dimitri van den Berg and Kim Hebrechts appear to be in great shape just in time to shine in Frankfurt. Will they guarantee the first Belgian victory? Follow the news closely here.

  1. 11 pm 01. The Belgian duo beat Japan in the first round. On paper, Japan was a small piece for the Belgians. It soon became clear. Kim Huybrechts immediately shook 180 up his sleeve, later leg Dimitri Van den Bergh followed his example. Hebrechts and Van den Berg ran 4-1, then Japan occupied the second leg. Van den Berg finished the match with 20 goals. Our Belgian compatriots scored an average of 91.71, while the Japanese didn’t exceed 75.03. In the next round, Huybrechts and Van den Bergh will face a tougher division with Poland tomorrow. †
  2. 06-17-2022.
  3. It’s 11:00 am. Van den Bergh: “It’s time for us to get this trophy.” “Every time I put on my jersey, I feel proud,” Van den Berg looks forward to at PDC. “You feel special because you have been chosen for your country and you have a chance to give your country a trophy.” “Kim and I trust each other a lot. We’ve known each other for a long time and have been saying for a long time that it’s time to get this trophy. It’s a dream for us. Maybe that’s it. Be our year.” †
  4. 11 am 35. Being allowed to represent your country is always private. Winning the world title is a dream for me and for me. Dimitri van den Berg.
  5. 11:30 a.m. The Belgians are in good shape on time. The Belgians begin their campaign against Japan on Friday. A match that shouldn’t cause any trouble for Van den Berg and the Huybrechts, both of whom are in the right form at the right time. Van den Berg starred last week at the Nordic Masters competition in Denmark. Defeat world champions Bryce, Smith and Anderson on his way to his first World Championship title. Huybrechts can also travel with confidence to Frankfurt. Hurricane narrowly missed the 17th Players Championship final on Wednesday after insulting world champion Peter Wright 6-0 in the quarter-finals. A good omen for what is to come? †
  6. 11 am 20. Who are the favourites? Belgium starts the tournament as fourth seed, thus eluding at least the top three nations until the semi-finals. England are once again one of the favorites as the top seed. The English, with Michael Smith and James Wade, set the record for the number of overall victories: 4. & nbsp; They share this record with another major country, the Netherlands. Our northern neighbors will have to dispense with the carrier of the brigade Michael Van Gerwin this year. The Dutch wrecking ball won the Premier League on Monday, but is now taking a breather as he needs surgery on his wrist. Danny Neubert and Dirk van Duijvenbode are somewhat of strangers. The frontrunner this year could be Wales again. Jeroen Price and Johnny Clayton are looking for a second world title after winning two years ago. Price may have less of a season, but Johnny Clayton has confirmed his place as the world’s top superstar this year. Are you looking for a black horse? Australia, with Damon Hetta and Simon Whitlock, has had excellent results with bookmakers. Nor should Scotland, with defending champions Peter Wright and John Henderson be written off. †
  7. 11 hours. Mondial by throwing darts. The Darts World Cup begins in Frankfurt on Thursday. The tournament, which is held in its 12th edition and is played in pairs, is the most popular Qatari darts tournament. Each country may send two players to compete for the cup in Frankfurt, and for Belgium, they are the top two in the world standings: Dimitri van den Berg (PDC-9) and Kim Hebrechts (PDC-34). In 2013, Belgium achieved their best result so far: brothers Kim and Ronnie Huberchts reached the final, but they had to admit that they had excelled in England over Adrian Lewis and Phil Taylor. Can van den Berg and the Huybrechts write a piece of history this year? †
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