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Van den Broom: “Take a new step towards the European winter against Zagreb” |  European League 2021/2022

Van den Broom: “Take a new step towards the European winter against Zagreb” | European League 2021/2022

After the victory in Vienna, Genk will open her European campaign indoors on Thursday. Against Dinamo Zagreb, Genk’s team will be hoping to take another step towards the European winter. Watch the match in Sporza from 9 pm.

  1. before 7 pm. 56. Genk prepares to face Zagreb.

    Genk prepares to face Zagreb

  2. before 6:25 p.m. Thorstvedt: “We’re not going to play for a tie.” Zagreb has dominated competition in its own country for years. Last year, she also had a farming year in Europe, reaching the Europa League quarter-finals. “We know it won’t be easy,” Genk midfielder Thorstedt admitted during Wednesday’s press moment. “The coach has already analyzed the opponent and we know what to expect. Last year they only went out against the subsequent European League winner.” “Off-season, the players left, but he is definitely a tough opponent and we will have to give our best. In terms of level I evaluate almost both teams, but we will not play for a draw tomorrow.”
  3. before six in the evening. 23. Dinamo Zagreb lost at West Ham. So the game is more important to them. John Vandenbrum.
  4. Before 6 pm Van den Brum: “The duel against Zagreb is not yet decisive.” Genk coach John van den Brum looked at the match against Zagreb in a press interview. The Dutchman does not want to talk about a crucial match yet, after the 0-1 win over Rapid Vienna on opening day. Zagreb then lost 0-2 at home to group favorite West Ham United at the same time, and thus fell to Limburg without points. & nbsp; “Crucial? Certainly not yet, we can’t put that pressure on this match yet. It’s definitely an important duel, to be able to continue our good start in Vienna. We also know that Dynamo lost to West Ham, so for them the game is more important.” “But that doesn’t change the fact that we want to continue our momentum,” van den Broom says. “We want to take a new step in our goal of wintering in Europe, and tomorrow could be an important evening for that.” .
  5. In advance, 6 pm 17.
  6. Advance, 6 pm. 16. Genk vs Zagreb looking for 6 out of 6. After his narrow victory in Vienna, Genk can confidently wait for the arrival of Croatian national champion Dinamo Zagreb. Zagreb has won no less than 15 national titles in her country in the past 16 years and is a strong opponent of the Jenkin people. Will they take the next hurdle in European winter on Thursday? .
  7. Advance, 6 pm 4 pm
  8. Opstelling KRC Genk. Martin Vandevoordt, Daniel Muñoz, Mark McKenzie, John Lucomi, Gerardo Arteaga, Karel Eating, Christian Thorstvedt, Brian Heinen, Junia Ito, Paul Onwacho, Theo Bongonda
  9. Overview Dinamo Zagreb. Dominic Levakovic, Rasmus Lauricin, Josep Sutalo, Kevin Theophile Catherine, Stefan Ristovsky, Bartol Vranjic, Josep Mesic, Aryan Adeymi, Mislav Orsic, Bruno Petkovic, Luka Ivanosic
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