February 1, 2023

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Van der Jande praises Andretti-Cadillac: “Such an attractive brand definitely belongs in F1”

Renger van der Zande Andretti Cadillac Find out more about Formula 1, he writes in his column FORMULA1.nl. The Dutch racing driver is part of Cadillac in the American IMSA Championship and knows better than anyone what the car brand means to the sport.

Van der Zande thinks many Europeans don’t realize how big General Motors, the parent company behind Cadillac, really is. It is also responsible for brands like Chevrolet and Corvette. “So big an American automaker wants to enter Formula 1 as an American team with Andretti. Mega move Andretti is a great name for Cadillac, which also has Formula 1 history, as Mario and Michele Andretti raced there.

Nevertheless, according to van der Sande, American motorsport is looking at the start of the 24 Hours of Daytona next weekend. Unfair, says the driver. “The biggest NASCAR teams are as big or bigger than most Formula 1 teams in terms of budget and factory,” says the 36-year-old. “The same goes for Ganassi, Cadillac or Penske. Don’t underestimate Andretti either.’

Van der Zandte strongly predicts Andretti-Cadillac in F1

Andretti needs to adapt to Formula 1, but they have a few years to do that. On the other hand, Van der Zande believes that Andretti will be ahead of Haas, Alfadauri and Saber (Alfa Romeo) in Formula 1. According to the Dutchman, Formula 1 teams could prepare for a battle from America. “If Andretti and Cadillac were allowed to enter the game.”

Formula 1 teams Not too excited About adding an eleventh team. Van der Zande believes that those teams should look beyond the money they lose with the arrival of a new team. “Formula 1’s growth potential in America is even bigger. And with 330 million people, mass means money. An exotic, American brand like Cadillac certainly belongs in Formula 1.’

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