July 3, 2022

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Van Ranst: 'We may also have to tighten' |  Instagram VTM NEWS

Van Ranst: ‘We may also have to tighten’ | Instagram VTM NEWS

Everything indicates that the Netherlands will be subject to a strict lockdown tonight to contain the Corona virus, especially the omikron variant. At VTM NIEUWS, virologist Marc van Ranst (KU Leuven) replied: “We may have to be a bit more strict.”

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Although the number of infections in our country and among its northern neighbors has begun to decrease (see the chart below), the emergence of the omikron type of coronavirus is a cause for concern. So far, the delta variant has been dominant, but That will change soon.

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“Under the descending delta curve, there is also an omicron that rises sharply,” says Mark van Ranst. “We see a doubling every two to three days and a doubling in ten days. It happens very quickly.” Microbiologist Emmanuel Andre announced on Friday that the omicron is beneficial ten percent of positive tests. This is also the case in France. According to OurWorldInData, it was already around December 13 in the Netherlands Fourteen percent of new cases.


We can afford a little more than Holland, but not much

Mark van Ranst, virologist (KU Leuven)

Therefore, Van Ranst advocates stricter measures. He is referring to previous advice from the GEMS expert group: “Our expert council has The last time More stringent measures have already been proposed. Not all of them were followed.”

In the upcoming advisory committee, Which is scheduled to take place on December 22According to the virologist, there are limitations. Maybe we have to be tougher. Ultimately, the government has to decide. If we look at Holland for comparison, we’ve put in more booster shots. They are also along an omikron variable curve. We also have denser beds. “So we can take on more, but not too much,” van Ranst says.

If it depends on Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroek (Forwitt), that’s exactly what will happen. He said the rules would be “as is now” for Christmas and New Years this week to record. And if an omicron wave appears soon, then more stringent measures are possible.

Vandenbrooke: “Same measures as corona during the holidays, and the possibility of tightening in the event of an omicron wave”

Omikron already accounts for 10 percent of all positive tests in our country: ‘It’s going faster and faster now’

Virologist Marc van Ranst at VTM NEWS © VTM News

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