February 5, 2023

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Vandenbet: "Don't think an independent president is better for the PFL" |  Platform

Vandenbet: “Don’t think an independent president is better for the PFL” | Platform

Peter Cronin has been president of the Pro League, but he’s also still president of Racing Genk. The fact that he left the Pro League – as he put it after the “too much divergent situation” – came as no great surprise to Peter Vandenbemet.

“According to my information, that was even agreed upon for a while. It has been proven for a long time that he will not go for a new mandate again,” knows Vandenbett. “Other people will now take charge of the Pro League and try to write a new plan for our Pro League and football.”

What is Cronin’s legacy as president? “It’s a very futile job and I’m the first to say he was a well-meaning president. A benevolent person,” Vandenbempt says.

“He lost the battle with the side position – as he called it himself. This always surfaced in the decisive moments and he was under pressure within his club to make certain decisions.”

Cronin was also under the negative influence of CEO Pierre Francois, who often followed his legal advice. Despite all good intentions and honesty, it was not a good mandate, although of course he was president in a certain turbulent period.

Peter Cronin is now debating as the independent president of the PGA. “I’ve always been inclined to say an independent would be better, but in the end I don’t think so,” says Peter Vandenbett.

“We have already forgotten the names of the independent chiefs who were there. They were helpless chiefs. Then it might be better to have someone from the club who is supported and who can draw up a new policy in cooperation with the other clubs.”

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“I think it’s also important to have a good new CEO who knows his stuff and is aware of everything that’s important to the CEO. It’s very important that the big clubs get together and stop trying to catch each other’s flies.”

One of the first files for the new administrators will be the football financial benefits file. “This will be on the table again next spring. It is essential that football there proactively comes up with an acceptable proposal and shows a will for change,” Vandenbet concluded.