September 22, 2023

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Vandenbet: "Drassel Odoi's Rabbit Revealed, Remarkable Company Evolution" |  Jupiler Pro League

Vandenbet: “Drassel Odoi’s Rabbit Revealed, Remarkable Company Evolution” | Jupiler Pro League

Club Brugge approached Al Ittihad with a reference match in the first match against Antwerp and AA Gent took advantage of Antwerp and Anderlecht losing points. Enough bouts analyst Peter Vanden tried to discuss in his summary of Match 29.

Club Brugge played a reference match against Antwerp.

Club Brugge won a landslide victory in the top match against Antwerp yesterday. A reference match for the champion against a direct competitor with title ambitions in what has become a prestige duel both on and off the field in recent years.

The club finally played football again and won as a real contender for the title. Dominant, with plenty of rhythm, pressure, fast and good football, 4 winter transfers played a key role.

We spotted Adamian a bit as a deep striker, the boys on the wings – Skov Olsen and Buchanan – giving Club Brugge depth and some acceleration and action.

But most striking was Denis Odoi in his new role also as a defensive midfielder. revelation. He has undergone tremendous development in his years in England. He is still a Duracell rabbit, but he also plays football under pressure, very calm and very strong.

It seemed gradually to be confirmed that Club Brugge needed new, fresh guys to blow new winds after all those successful years.

Peter Vandenpet

Of course everything must be confirmed. The cup match against AA Gent on Wednesday will be even more difficult, but if Club Brugge can achieve and maintain that level without his best talent – Charles De Ketelaere – it will not be out of reach.

This is the advantage if you are financially strong like Club Brugge. Then you can invest heavily in the summer – which is not yet a huge success – and you can make big corrections here and there in the winter.

It seems gradually that Club Brugge needs new, fresh guys to blow new winds after all those successful years with the same people and same coach.

“Painful weakness in the quality of the ball in Antwerp”

Crisis lies around the corner in Antwerp, suddenly a place in the top four is no longer guaranteed and questions are being asked about coach Brian Brisky’s approach. It is particularly disturbing that after the union, Antwerp has now lost without a chance to another top 4 opponent.

I don’t necessarily think it can be reduced to a matter of mentality or lack of sharpness. I thought Antwerp – just like Club Brugge – started the game strong.

But there was a painful lack of quality in the ball. Unlike the club, Antwerp had problems playing football: a lot of ball lost, slack, no ideas, little speed and there was hardly a chance throughout the match.

“Which would you prefer: Nainggolan for 2 million or Vanaken for 3 million?” Paul Gheysens said at the start of the season. I don’t know what to think about it now.

Peter Vandenpet

The players brought in to carry the team performed completely poorly. Then everyone looks – however you look at her – at the star of the team: Radja Nainggolan. I think he’s been a lot less than expected this season. It also has to do with physical defects.

I remember Paul Gheysens saying at the start of the season: “Which would you prefer: Nainggolan for 2 million or Vanaken for 3 million?” I don’t know what to think about it now.

Nainggolan is not an Antwerp problem either, it’s one. It’s time for Presci to engage his players about this famous system with the diamond in the midfield that he’s holding on to. Do they still believe in it, because of course they have to?

And Priske should also make players like Samatta, who doesn’t do better either. We expect more consistent performances, because we have already seen how well and dominant Antwerp can play football.

With that quality, it’s a little too sparse and too erratic. Next comes the derby against Berchot on Sunday, followed by Anderlecht. So there is not much time.

“The development along the coach’s streak is fantastic”

And Anderlecht is also not sure about the first match after the 0-0 draw in Leuven and even the red card for Vincent Kompany. There is a lot of pressure in Anderlecht and even the always great Kompany suffers from that.

A second yellow card may have been awarded shortly after the first by referee Lambrechts, but it was not unjustified either. If you are theatrically chanting in the face of the referee, it can happen.

Kompany was right in his protest: the referee had not called for a foul against Raman shortly before, the action continued and right-back Murillo was shown in red. But Kompany’s aggressive response was astonishing. We don’t really know him that way.

I don’t think he yelled at Kwame like that and those two mistakes were much bigger than the referee’s mistake. This cost Anderlecht two valuable points.

There is a lot of pressure in Anderlecht and even the always great Kompany suffers from that.

Peter Vandenpet

The evolution along coach Kompany’s streak is somewhat noticeable. He has developed – everyone agrees – in a very positive way as a coach: more flexible, football has evolved for his team.

But also his attitude along the line, his rhetoric about governance, is also disturbed by the rulers. He has become a “regular coach” in quotes, denouncing decisions. He didn’t do that in the first months.

I would like to say ; It’s a bit human and the result of stress and strain. Because it must be clear: Anderlecht must reach the top four, must dictate European football and have to qualify for Thursday’s cup final at the expense of Joppen.

“AA Gent has PO1’s fate in its hands”

A.A. Ghent is coming to threaten Antwerp and Anderlecht. Yesterday he beat the moribund Standard after a strange match.

At one point I thought director Ralph Inbar was going to come out of his grave and that AA Gent had been duped into a hidden camera show.

It turns out it’s not a laughing matter after all. The two disallowed goals were justified, but we desperately need to get rid of the red card in favor of Vadis Ogedja. I can not understand such a situation.

And that a player can grab the ball with his arm from the line and not get a penalty, that’s different from a support arm. There may be an explanation for this soon, but as a football fan we don’t think this is normal.

But an introduction to how AA Gent fought and triumphed against all those setbacks.

Bodart’s embarrassing blunder is too bad for him, because this is truly a Standard Club member at heart with that condition in Sclessin. But in the end it was kind of fair, I guess.

An introduction to how AA Gent fought and won against all those setbacks.

Peter Vandenpet

With his interferences in the first half, Hein Vanhaezebrouck won – with one man less – against Standard coach Luka Elsner.

It certainly wasn’t AA Gent’s best game in football, but they kept 12 of 12 clean sheets, 3 times. With all due respect, they can now warm up twice against Zulte Waregem and Beerschot and then a direct duel with Anderlecht follows.

If I can count correctly, AA Gent has its own destiny in the first match. With a win, Ghent can simply pass, because 3 less points, but the same number of matches he won.

Anyway, first cup match against Club Brugge on Wednesday. Still not monotonous.

Peter Vandenpet

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