March 30, 2023

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Verhulst changed after 'the awake debate got out of hand' at 'Table of Four': 'We hurt people, and we're sorry'

Verhulst changed after ‘the awake debate got out of hand’ at ‘Table of Four’: ‘We hurt people, and we’re sorry’

Gert Verholst asks the main guest on the Tuesday night talk show if Mark Marie Hoygbrigets has seen the first episode of “Table of Four.” “Yes, I looked yesterday” is the response. But he would prefer to know from Verhulst how it went. It is the impulse to apologize for how the discussion went.

A discussion about getting up at the table took place at Gert Verhulst’s on Monday evening. The word n ​​was heard only a few times and questions arose in the discussion about its essence. What followed was essentially an outpouring of criticism. And this did not go unnoticed by Huijbregts.

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“I was sorry I wasn’t there yesterday,” he says. “Woke was a bit of a polluted word, just like ‘politically correct’, but I think those are very good words. I like to think things through. I would have loved to be there yesterday to say: You have a word problem, but we don’t really care that you find it.” It’s all tough. You’re a straight white guy. You shouldn’t disappear, no. You yourself are a great example of this straight white guy, but realize that if you don’t think something is racist, it doesn’t really matter. Raff (Ngotia, who was a guest in the discussion as an expert, editor). He could have been a little stronger against you in my opinion.”

It is clearly up to Verhulst, who did not miss the countless reactions. “If we hurt people yesterday, that’s the last thing we wanted,” he said at the start of the talk show. “That’s not the point of the program, and we did it anyway. Because there was a lot of backlash. So if it hurt you, we’re sorry. Receipt.”