February 6, 2023

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Verstappen after simulating Jeddah tours: 'No room for mistakes'

Verstappen after simulating Jeddah tours: ‘No room for mistakes’

With two races remaining, Max Verstappen is eight points ahead of Lewis Hamilton. The World Cup site offers hope, although recent races have also shown that Mercedes had the fastest car. “It wasn’t really bad for us, but it wasn’t good either,” Verstappen said of the Qatar Grand Prix. “Our speed was a little below speed compared to the Mercedes cars, so let’s see how it goes this weekend. The track in Qatar is now one of my favorite tracks, it’s been a lot of fun to drive.”

This weekend, Verstappen will once again have to tackle a new job, this time in Saudi Arabia. All drivers will have the chance to explore the longest and fastest street circuit on the calendar, although Verstappen already has an idea of ​​that after his first virtual laps. “I’ve already driven this circuit on the simulator and it looks like a very fast track. In any case, there is no room for error,” said the World Cup leader. With no fewer than twenty turns of two hundred kilometers per hour or more – at least that’s Mercedes’ expectations – every mistake is punished. “It’s always a bit of a guesswork, of course, because we haven’t tried it in real life yet. But I’m looking forward to the challenge and looking forward to going to new tracks again this year.”

At this new circuit on the Red Sea, Verstappen can secure his first motorsport world title. Several scenarios can be plotted in which this worked, although the Red Bull driver does not appear to be working on it at all. “I am completely calm. I know I will always do my best and then we will see where we end up. Anyway, nothing has been decided yet, we still have a lot of challenges ahead. Is that we will do it. Give everything and it will be an interesting end to this season, Verstappen concludes his preview.

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