November 27, 2022

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Max Verstappen

Verstappen takes 13th win despite a poor pit stop as his team are now world champions | Formula 1

Max Verstappen also won the US Grand Prix. The Dutchman’s 13th win of the season gives his team the constructors’ world title. Verstappen made an awkward pit stop in Texas. Lewis Hamilton finished 2nd in his Mercedes and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) 3rd. “We dedicate it to Dietrich (Red Bull founder Matschitz, red)”, replied Verstappen.

2 to 1 in the beginning

Max Verstappen had to start the race in Texas from second place. Good challenge for the world champion who angled his Red Bull to attack Polsiter-Sains Jr at the start.

Ferrari is a bird to the cat. Verstappen immediately attacked him.

It just got worse for Sains Jr. After Russell’s tap, the Spaniard spun. He suffered a leak in his Ferrari and had to abandon the fight.

Ugly pit stop

The path to a 13th win of the season was open for Max Verstappen. Until his team started to get confused.

The leader’s second pit stop was completely back in the soup. A screw machine does not work. Verstappen returned to 3rd behind Hamilton and Leclerc.

Parallel to Vettel and Hamilton

With a Max Verstappen in the corner, American Formula 1 fans could see a good fight.

After rejoining world champion Leclerc, he turned his sights on Hamilton. The Briton can only dream of a first win of the season, but for Verstappen it’s just another win. His first attack was on target.

With 13 wins in a year, he is surpassing the likes of Hamilton and Vettel. In the coming weeks, he can only claim the feat. Also on the calendar: races in Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

(Scroll down for a spectacular accident)

Most hits in a season
the season successes The rider Car
2004 13 (of 18) Michael Schumacher (Germany) Ferrari
2013 13 (of 19) Sebastian Vettel (Germany) Red bull
2022 13 (of 19) Max Verstappen (Netherlands) Red bull
2002 11 (of 17) Michael Schumacher (Germany) Ferrari
2020 11 (of 17) Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes
2011 11 (of 19) Sebastian Vettel (Germany) Red bull
2014 11 (of 19) Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes
2018 11 (of 21) Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes
2019 11 (of 21) Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes

Red Bull is the world champion

Thanks to Max Verstappen’s win, his Red Bull team can once again call themselves world champions for the first time since 2013. Breaking the dominance of racing staple Mercedes. The Germans won the Constructors’ World Championship eight years in a row.

With their overall success, the Austrian team was honored Red Bull founder Dietrich Matschitz. The businessman died this weekend at the age of 78.

Alonso departs

Fernando Alonso escaped unscathed after trying to overtake Lance Stroll. The Canadian closed the door and Alonso stood on his hind legs with his Alpine.

Spicy detail: The two will be teammates at Aston Martin next year.

For Stroll, the collision marked the end of his race. Ancient warrior Alonso gritted his teeth, repaired his car and finished another 7th.

Max Verstappen: “For Dietrich”

Max Verstappen (Winner): “It was a tough race. Everything was fine until that pit stop took a while. We dedicate this win to Dietrich (Maetskitz, ed.) for everything he did for us. He played a huge part for us. The team.”

Lewis Hamilton (second): “We came here with some improvements and managed to close the gap. We were very close. I did everything I could to stay in front. It was great to be in the lead, but they were a little too fast. We’re going to give it our all for three more races and something will fall from the sky somewhere.”

We’re going to give it our all for three more races, something will fall from the sky.

Lewis Hamilton
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